Home-business owner: "I was absolutely freaked out when I broke my computer's display. Cam not only fixed the physical issue but his calm demeanor and caring attitude helped to greatly reduce my stress level throughout the process. I just can't say enough good things about Cam Graham."

Chicago lawyer: "I needed Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software installed on my office computer and also needed someone to guide me on how to use it. Cam came and installed the software and had it working properly. I had a heavy workload so we scheduled three one-hour appointments to teach me how to use Dragon. Cam showed up on time for each appointment and was very professional. I had never used voice recognition software before but I became proficient quickly with Cam's guidance. I still use Dragon on a daily basis."

Bus driver: "I had no idea why my desktop computer wouldn't work. I pressed the power button, heard the fans come on, saw the lights come on, but the screen stayed black. Cam found a hardware problem and fixed it. I got my computer back working just like it was before."
Retired teacher: "I was 65 years old when I signed up for an introductory computer information systems college class. I was computer illiterate and my family always gave me a hard time for not knowing how to make a Facebook or email account, and still using a flip phone. I took the class to learn basic computer skills, but I was quickly overwhelmed with the material we were learning. I was falling behind my classmates, so I found Cam's website and saw he offered tutoring services. Cam came to my apartment to tutor me at least once a week for two months and even helped me remotely and guided me through things over the phone. He was very thorough, professional, and explained things in a way that made sense so I could keep up with the rest of the class. I finished with an A, learned valuable computer skills, and got my family to stop making fun of me. I was worried I had to drop the class until he started helping me."

College student: "I got some kind of virus on my laptop when I had an English paper due the next day. I was halfway through the paper when some strange force took over my computer. I couldn't even open my paper to finish it. Cam came out and rushed to recover my paper so I could work on it with an extra laptop he brought while he removed the virus and got my laptop running again."

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