Virus, spyware, and malware services

Have any kind of bad software interrupting your computer time? I'll nuke the bad software, guaranteed.

Error, pop-up, and generalized annoyance services

Blue screen of death? Constant error windows popping up? Can't surf the net without a barrage of pop-ups? Don't worry, I'll fix the problem.

Optimization services

If checking your email involves hitting the power button on computer and then taking a shower, mowing the lawn, and completing your tax return while you wait for Windows to load, I'm your man. Computers are too expensive to run at a less than optimal speed.

Software and hardware sales

Need software or hardware? I use independent suppliers with dependable products perfect to meet your needs. If I detect bad hardware while diagnosing your computer, I can obtain quality replacement parts quickly. Need a new computer? I sell a broad spectrum of laptops and desktops. If I don't have it, I can find it for you.

Computer tutoring

Want to learn how to use today's most popular software? Want to learn how to fix your own computer or grill the perfect steak? Call me, Cam Graham.

Consultation on technology

Have you come to a technological crossroads and are unsure which direction to go? Let me be your spirit guide.
Windows operating system services

Want to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10? Windows XP to Windows 8.1? Windows 98 to ME? I do it all. Did you upgrade to Windows 10 and you can't stand it? I'll transition you back to an earlier version of Windows.

Mac OS X services

Want to upgrade to the newest release of Mac OS X Sierra? Did you upgrade your Mac OS X and hate the changes? I can go any direction you want; your wish is my command.

Linux operating system services

Ready to be brave and try BackBox Linux? Ubuntu? Fedora? Debian? Name the Linux, and I'll set it up for you. Don't be scared; once you go Tux, you never go back.

Software services

Want the new version of Microsoft Office? Want the old version of Microsoft Office? Want some obscure software for tracking climate change in Zimbabwe? Name the software, and I'll make it work.

Hardware services

Need a bigger hard drive to store pictures and videos? Need a processor or RAM upgrade to speed that old tower up? New video card? New sound card? It's going to take too long to name every piece of hardware, so just tell me what you want and I'll make it happen.

Whatever your software or hardware needs, one call to 616-843-5352 will start you
on the road to solving all of your problems.

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